Miss Lola Botomy:

I was born in Utah in 1916 to a prominent Banker and his debutant wife.  I was their first and only child.  They had great expectations of me.  When I was a little girl I started hearing voices.  My mother thought I just had a great imagination and told my father that I would grow out of it soon.  But the voices kept speaking to me all the way into my teens.  When I was sixteen my father couldn’t take it anymore and sent me away to a lovely place with a great big lawn out front and I had my own room with pillows on the floors and walls. I didn’t care too much for the pajamas they provided because I could never quite figure out where the arm holes were.  I met a lot of new friends there.  My mom would come and visit me but she was always sad and just kept telling me to forget about the voices so she could take me home and I could be a “normal” person.  But how could I ignore my friends?  One day when I was about twenty-four the doctors told my parents about this new procedure they were doing back east where they go in and find the dysfunctional part of the brain and snip it out.  They said that patients who had it done returned to their normal lives afterwards.  My parents agreed to let me have the surgery.  Things seemed to be looking up for me, but someone forgot to read the manual right or something, because I went to sleep in the hospital and then woke up in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.  It didn’t hurt to die, in fact I’ve made some great friends while I’ve been here.  I’ve met Emo, who is a bit of a prankster, and a guy named Bob who got ran over by a steamroller on State Street.  He is great at Karaoke if you don’t mind that when he sings, he’s a bit flat.  We have lots of parties up here and every Halloween we all get together to scare the live folk.  I’m excited to have my first real job here at Grimm Ghost Tours.  Hope you all have a spooky good time with me.


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